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Monitor Audio Gold FX - Bi-pole Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

Rs. 280,000.00
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Monitor Audio Gold FX - Bi-pole Bookshelf Speakers

The Gold FX's slim wall-hugging profile incorporates no fewer than six drivers. In monopole mode for discrete side or rear sound channels its front-firing 6 ½" RST® bass/mid-driver and C-CAM® ribbon transducer deliver accurate ultra-wideband sound to match the tonal balance of any 'Gold' speaker combination. In dipole mode the Gold FX uses two pairs of side firing 4" C-CAM bass/mid drivers and 25mm C-CAM gold-dome tweeters, combined with the tailored output from the front-firing bass/mid driver to provide wonderfully diffuse yet tonally precise surround effects. They can be flush-mounted on side or rear walls. Installation is made easy by the inclusion of a 'sloppy fit' wall bracket, which allows levelling and adjustment prior to fixing.

Models share a trinity of enhancements including an evolution of the C-CAM Rigid Surface Technology (RST) bass cone employed by their Gold GR and Gold GS predecessors; tighter production tolerances for their advanced C-CAM ribbon tweeters, and a smarter more functional grill design. Energized by these upgrades the new Gold range offers greater transparency, consistency and visual sophistication.


The Gold series ribbon is derived from the globally acclaimed Platinum C-CAM ribbon transducer. By improving production tolerances even further, the new model offers a consistently more open and transparent sound. A sense of greater detail and enhanced imaging may be attributed to the closer matching of tweeter pairs. The ribbon’s fabulously efficient wideband design reproduces the authentic tonal character of frequencies beyond 60kHz, as well as the inherent nature of the mid-band vocal region.


The Gold series bass units utilize an evolved version of the dimpled RST cone surface. It takes the form of a continuous radiating dish devoid of the central voice-coil aperture. Instead, a longer voice coil and larger motor sit behind the cone in a more efficient drive assembly, which offers greater drive force, longer excursions and lower distortion, producing cleaner, more extended and accurate bass definition.


Single bolt-through driver fixings have the dual effect of improving cabinet rigidity while further reducing vibration at the driver/cabinet interface. Drivers are mounted on a single tensioned through-bolt, which is secured to the back of the cabinet. The bolt not only acts as a rigid cabinet brace to reduce box coloration, it removes the need for conventional driver fixing as well, effectively decoupling the driver and front baffle to eliminate a further source of unwanted resonance.


The cabinet is aided by radial bracing and bolt-through driver fixings, which eliminate unwanted vibrations and internal standing waves. The HiVe II reflex port is shaped to have the same effect on air flow as a gun barrel on a bullet. Rifled grooves inside the port help to accelerate the flow and reduce turbulence, so air moves in and out of the port more efficiently for a faster more dynamic bass response.


Comprising high quality polypropylene lm capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors, individual driver crossovers are mounted on a dedicated panel accessible from the underside of each speaker. The adjacent speaker terminals are gold plated to maintain signal integrity and contact reliability. All Gold speakers are wired internally with Pure ow® Silver cable.

 Product Highlights

  • Frequency response: 60-60,000 hz
  • Sensitivity: 87 db
  • Recommended amplifier power: 50-100 watts
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Dipole/bipole switch (manual or 12v signal activated) to optimize sound
  • Ultra-rigid, lightweight c-cam® (ceramic-coated aluminum/magnesium) cone material provides high efficiency and low distortion
  • Front-firing close-tolerance c-cam ribbon high-frequency transducer for detailed sound and extended high-frequency response
  • Two 1" gold dome c-cam tweeters in an angled array for wide surround sound dispersion
  • Two 4" c-cam midrange drivers in an angled array for wide surround sound dispersion
  • One front-firing 6-1/2" c-cam woofer with latest-generation rst® (rigid surface technology) to enhance stiffness and reduce mass for greater speed and accuracy
  • Single bolt-through driver attachment provides mechanical decoupling and increased cabinet rigidity for greater clarity and resolution
  • Acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet design
  • High-quality crossovers with polypropylene film capacitors for greater accuracy
  • Five-way binding post speaker terminals
  • Wall-mount bracket included
  • 15-3/8"W x 12-13/16"H x 6-5/8"D
  • Weight: 11.88 kg.
  • Warranty: 1 years

Additional Information


Acoustic Suspension
Bipole or Dipol
Midrange size (inches)
Woofer size (inches)
Connector Type
Power Range
87 dB
Impedance (Ohms)
Frequency Response
40-60k Hz
Height (inches)
12 3/16
Width (inches)
15 3/8
Depth (inches)
6 5/8
Mounting Bracket Included
1 Years

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    Monitor Audio Gold FX - Bi-pole Bookshelf Speakers (Pair)

    Rs. 280,000.00
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