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5 essentials for every good home theater

5 essentials for every good home theater

pratham arora |

With all the advances in TV technology we’ve seen in the last few years, it’s kind of mind-blowing how good the image quality of some modern screens is. Have you watched a movie on a 4K Ultra HD TV? What about an 8K TV? Talk about lifelike! It’s hard to imagine what they’ll come up with next. When it comes to home theater  and creating a truly cinematic experience, you have to go one (or five) steps beyond just a great screen.

Today we are going to look at some of the extra components you can add to your set up to give you a truly immersive home theater experience.

1. Sound quality is key

When it comes to creating an amazing movie-watching experience sound quality is right up there with image quality. You know how they do that thing at the start of a movie in the theater where they show off how impressive their sound system is? They really want you to notice, because they know your home audio is nowhere near as good. So if you really want to elevate your home theater game, think seriously about investing in a standalone audio solution.

There are a number of home theatre audio kits that you can quickly and easliy add to your system from renowned audio specialists lie Elac, Polk Audio, and Onkyo.  For example the Elac Debut F6.2 system which been one of the most popular home theater audio kits for a while now. This system packs a lot of punch for a reasonable price.

2. Improve your audio

A photo of the Polk Audio RTiA5 250-Watt Tower Speaker in CherryAn audio kit is a big step up no doubt, but if you want to really impress your guests consider a pair of tower speakers. Put a couple of these beside your TV, and you’ll be off to the next audio dimension. Pay particular attention to those by acoustic and Polk Audio and you’ll find your self looking at some of the most highly rated speakers in stock.

Not only do tower speakers look super cool, they really do produce an impressive sound. Note that they are generally sold as single items, so make sure you buy two for the full stereo effect!

3. Great speakers need a great receiver

One item that we can’t to overlook is the receiver that is going to power your speakers and enable them to deliver that ear-throbbing, glass-shattering audio.

It is possible to hook up your speakers to the back of some TVs, but you’re never going to get the optimum audio experience that way. You need a receiver to take the signal from your TV and ‘amp it up’ to power those hungry speakers. The receiver is essentially an amplifer, with some extra components on top like a pre-amp and a radio tuner (how quaint!). The advantage of using an amplifier is that you can also use it to listen to music by attaching your music input (phone, turntable, cd player) to it, giving you a listening experience that is hard to match. Trust me, if you are a true music lover you’ll be blown away.

AV Shack majorly stocks two types of receivers; stereo receivers, which are designed primarily for music playing purposes, and home theater receivers, which are designed to take the signal from your TV, Blu-ray or DVD player, and process it to give you the best possible audio output. Some receivers are even Wi-Fi compatible so that you can wirelessly stream music from your phone, or any device that can connect to your Wi-Fi network.

Onkyo is my our personal favorite amplifier brand, and I have a wonderful 1970s model that still produces great sound. Be sure to check out the Marantz range too, another very highly regarded amp manufacturer.

A photo of a Marantz SR5013 7.2 Channel 4K Ultra HD Network AV Receiver

4. A soundbar is a sound buy

Ok maybe I’ve blown past your budget with the tower speakers and high-end receiver, but don’t despair—home theater audio is still within your grasp!

Sound bars have become very popular in the last few years as a simple and effective way to improve the sound from your TV. They don’t take up much space, and are generally placed discretely beneath your TV. A lot of sound bars come with a subwoofer to give you plenty of low-end bass action. Bass is important because it can literally move you.

Polk Audio has a plethora of options in the sound bar department, with a price point to suit every budget. Sonos has also stepped into the sound bar space with some really interesting offerings.

A photo of the Sonos Playbar Sound Bar

5. A good theater needs good seats

Finally, what theater is complete without comfortable seating? 

Make sure you check out the full range of home theater seating available at AV SHACK. 

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Be sure to check out the vast array of products available at Avshack.in to make your dream home theater!