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speaker cables

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Speaker Cable

Shop from our wide range of speaker audio cable and other fabulous accessories if you've got a home entertainment system or just want to upgrade your listening experience. Speaker Wire here will feature high-quality and reasonable for any home audio setup. Av shack has got all the best brands in one place, like Monster Cable, Polk Audio, and many more.

When looking for quality audio products, consider us. We offer a range of sound cables, including Chord C-screen speaker cable, speaker extension cable, USB to speaker cable, and digital coaxial cables. Across all categories, their prices are affordable, so you can get everything you need for your home theatre without losing your pocket money.

About Speaker Cables

The Speaker sound cable is the wire that connects your speakers to your amplifier. They're made of copper, and they transmit the electrical signal from your amplifier to your speakers, allowing them to play sound.

Most audio engineers recommend against using speaker cables over 12 feet long because they can cause interference within the system due to electromagnetic noise.

Our speaker wire price cable has various gauges, lengths, and terminations. The larger the gauge, the lower the resistance, and the better it will perform. Check out our speaker cable wire guide to choose the best cable for your application.

Moreover, an audio system designed for a home theatre provides the viewer with a movie-like audio experience by using a 14-gauge speaker wire and a 16-gauge speaker wire.

Features of Speaker Cable.

The speaker cable price comes in a wide range and connection types. It is accessible for everyone regardless of their budget or preferences. Various speaker cables such as Single Copper Strand Speaker Cables, Double Copper Strand Speaker Cables, Ground Wire Speaker Cables, Phono Interconnects, Patch Cords, and Speakon cable are available.

Our speaker cables feature an advanced oxygen free speaker cable with copper conductors and a tinned copper braid. Further, they increased low-frequency response & high-power handling capacity. The use of silver-plated OFC in the center conductor provides improved clarity, imaging, and soundstage.

We designed this cable with a latency of 0.09 nanoseconds for maximum compatibility with high-speed systems and home studios. Moreover, it can be used with most banana plugs and is suitable for wall speakers, ceiling speakers, conference room sound systems, car audio, home theatre systems, amplifiers, and receivers.

In addition to this, you can install your home theatre speaker cable easily since it doesn't have any stiff shielding inside and has polarity markings outside. A double jacket eliminates interference from outside sources, making this cable ideal for your home theatre or stereo receiver system. We can supply both the standard home entertainment and industrial applications in suitable cables for short and long runs.

Our Collection Of Speaker Cables Goes On And On.

Take your music system to the next level with our wide variety of optical speaker cable. Our speaker cables are thick and heavy, so they don't tend to be easily movable. Consider our other audio cables and adapters if you think about having speakers that can move around your house or as part of a portable system. Enjoy every entertainment moment with Av shack qed speaker wire.


At Av shack, we carry a wide selection of speaker wires, finding a convenient cable that will suit your needs. The best speaker cable is durable and well-made since it connects your speakers to your audio system components.

To conclude, we are committed to providing the best products at the lowest possible price to our customers. Thus, if you are looking for advanced speaker cables, without a worry, buy them with Av shack.











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