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Five Parameters to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Pair of Bookshelf Speakers

Five Parameters to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Pair of Bookshelf Speakers

pratham arora |

Bookshelf speakers are a brilliant purchase for anyone looking to enjoy some music in calm way while still packing a bit of a punch. As the name implies, these speakers are designed to blend in with your home setup, taking an ideal spot in a bookshelf in order to have an elevated surface that strengthens the sound quality.

If you’re in a market for these types of speakers, we’ve got you covered with a few factors worth considering when buying a pair of bookshelf speakers.

1. Size

If you’re planning on getting some speakers, you need to have a general idea of how it fits into your living space/workplace. Contrary to how it may appear, bigger speakers don’t automatically imply better sound quality. Instead, it leans into a louder volume. Therefore, if your priority is to get the sound to travel around your location as much as possible, a large bookshelf speaker should be in your cards.

2. Sound quality

In terms of sound quality, you’ll be hard pressed to find a pair of bookshelf speakers that sound truly awful. The standard is amazing today. However, it is crucial to get the best out of your money’s worth, so you’ll need to watch out for certain factors that determine whether your speakers are going to sound great.

Fans of music that lacks an emphasis on bass will be fine with just a pair of bookshelf speakers. However, if you want a good amount of thumping, you’re probably going to need to pay a premium for high end bookshelves. The good news is that this isn’t even necessary as you simply need to hook up a subwoofer to your setup, making your music sound complete without breaking the bank.

Pair of Bookshelf Speakers


3. Wired or Wireless

To save yourself the worries and marketing buzzwords, you’re likely going to want a pair of wired speakers if you truly want to enjoy the best Hi-Fi audio has to offer. Wireless speakers are also great as they sport good sound quality and feel more aesthetically pleasing with their seamless presence blending into your setup. However, nothing beats the wired bookshelf speakers on the market. They may be a nightmare in terms of cable management, but as long as you know how to make it work in your setup, you’ll be glad you went with a wired pair.

4. Hi-Fi or Home Theater setup

If your speakers are being purchased in order to be a part of a larger ecosystem of audio gear, you should definitely consider how they will fit into your surround sound system. They can fill a variety of roles and make your setup sound truly amazing. Even better, they can be hooked up to something like the Denon AV receiver, giving it a perfect symphony with the rest of your setup. It isn’t a must for speakers to be part of a larger ecosystem, but it is a thrill to have.

5. Price

It’s no surprise that it all comes down to this. Bookshelf Speakers are generally going to sound pretty great and you can find a nice pair for $100. Generally, you’re bound to enjoy a lot of the options between $100 and $300. If you have a larger budget though, there are many others that you can also get. Judging from the factors highlighted above, you’re likely in a better position to make an informed decision that works well with your budget.