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Marshall Bluetooth Speakers: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Marshall Bluetooth Speakers: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

Pratham Arora |

Choose The Best Marshall Bluetooth Speaker among The Rest

For a music lover, the urge to get the best in-class speakers is like being a part of a race with the determination to succeed. In similar manner with innumerable varieties of speakers being offered by varying company’s it seems a little tough which one to catch.

But when we have all our eyes into the pioneer in the field serving the music industry for more than 50+years Marshall is a name that knows no introduction. Incorporated in the British Kingdom by Jim Marshall,he himself wouldn’t have imagined to take this company to the next level serving all around the globe with its well-renowned audio quality and clarity.

So,here we have a buyer’s guide,which will help all prospective buyer’s to get the best Marshall Speakers worth every penny of their investment.

First of all what matters is to decide the purpose your speaker is meant to serve,i.e. you need it for on road expeditions or are a party freak willing to bring life into your parties by the musical aura delivered by Marshall Speakers.

Either its bluetooth speakers or dynamic home audio systems, all will offer you a mind-blowing experience taking you to the next level. Look and book your own Marshall Speaker in India by the magnificent range of speakers offered by Marshall Speakers.

Marshall Bluetooth Speakers

1. Marshall Emberton Portable Wireless Speaker

Rated 4.7/5, these compact and portable speakers offer you loud and vibrant sound quality. Giving you an experience like never before, you’d hear a multi-directional sound exposure with a play time of 20+hours.

Available in the classic colors of black and even white, the speakers offer connectivity using Bluetooth,AUX,IrDA,USB and Wi-Fi.

One may conclude these to be a perfect combination to meet your needs and fulfill your craving for a musical experience like never before.

The price of these Marshall Speakers range from 14K+ and is available on either online or offline platforms with amazing offers to go for.

2. Marshall Stockwell II

Rated 4.5/5, these speakers are dedicated to people who enjoy life on the road. Compact and portable, built in with Blumlein stereo sound construction offers you multi-directional musical experience.

Available in the all time favorite colors of black, blue and gray;you can always opt to whichever one you say. Offering connectivity via AUX,Bluetooth and USB, these speakers are portable and wireless gives you a playtime of 20+hours.

The price of these Marshall Speakers ranges from 20K + and is available on either online or offline stores at offers to benefit from.

3. Marshall Action II

Rated 4.7/5, these speakers are dynamic and compact within 3 dedicated Class D amplifiers. Dual tweeter and subwoofer adds to its charm. 

Well-balanced and powerful audio experience along with the technological advancement connecting these with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa,makes it the speaker of the moment.

Designed to fit even in small spaces available in colors of black and white; these connect with AUX,Bluetooth,RCA,USB,Wi-Fi. The waterproof feature makes it hassle-free and easy to handle.

The price of these action packed speakers ranges from 22K+ and one can opt for the best one to suit their requirements.

4. Marshall Kilburn II

Rated 4.7/5, these speakers are free from wires and cords. Another excellent one weighing just 2.5 kgs offers playtime of 20+ hours. Experience larger than life musical aura with multi-directional sound system. 

Water-resistant design makes it supremely rugged and durable. Available in - Black,Blue,Gray and White; they offer connectivity using AUX,Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Its compact size and a guitar inspired strap makes it a perfect one to carry along.

The Price of Marshall Speaker, varies from one platform to another with amazing offers, with the price range from 29K +.

5. Marshall Woburn 2

Rated 4.7/5, this speaker hits high trebles clearly and handles low bass. Clear and life-like mid range with two 1” tweeters and dual 5.25” subwoofers.

With 110 watts , the speakers offer audio quality with immense clarity. These powerful speakers with stylish designs can be paired with smartphones and other compatible devices for rich sound experience with deep and thumping bass.

A little costly , these ones range from 49K + and are available at easy EMI options to fit your budget.

6. Marshall Stanmore 2

Rated 4.7/5, another extravagant one by the range of Marshall Speakers. Perfect for any room with high-performance sound offering clean and precise audio. Supported by Amazon Alexa, it turns out to be a perfect one for the present need. Available in black and white colors; it offers connectivity with AUX,Bluetooth,Ethernet,RCA,USB and Wi-Fi.

Bluetooth wireless 5.0 provides superior wireless sound. Price ranging from 30K+, you can have it at amazing prices.

7. Marshall Uxbridge Voice

The legendary sound of Marshall,is here to blow your mind and an ambience to please. Small in size yet large in sound;these offer clean and precise audio experience. With Alexa at its end,it gives hand-free entertainment.

Supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant,this one comes in the color availability of Black and White. The connectivity options are AUX,Bluetooth,IrDA,Wi-Fi. The price range begins from 20K+ along with an experience to make your investment worth it. 

8. Marshall Tufton

These mighty portable speakers, 20+hours of playtime. Bluetooth 5.0 offers a range of 30 feet. Engineered in 3-way system spreading sound from three separate drivers - a tweeter,mid-range driver and subwoofer.

The stylish and sleek black colors make it a soothing to the eye experience. With the connectivity options of AUX,Bluetooth,IrDA,USB,Wi-Fi and a battery life of 20+ hours. The price of these Marshall Speaker ranges of 45K + offered at great prices. 

Enjoy the supremacy of alluring Marshall Speakers in India and even abroad and make the most of your investment with the range of pioneers offering the best of the best.