Revel C763L -In-ceiling speaker (Each)
Revel C763L -In-ceiling speaker (Each)
Revel C763L -In-ceiling speaker (Each)
Revel C763L -In-ceiling speaker (Each)
Revel C763L -In-ceiling speaker (Each)
Revel C763L -In-ceiling speaker (Each)

Revel C763L -In-ceiling speaker (Each)

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Elite home theater performance with zero footprint

We don't often recommend in-ceiling speakers for the front channels of your home theater system. That's because most models fire straight downward, so the sound tends to seem disconnected from your TV screen. The Revel C763L is a rare exception to this rule, because its angled drivers direct sound down and forward toward your listening position. It makes movie dialogue and special effects feel like they're coming from the action unfolding on the screen, instead of several feet above it.

Customizable sound for your room

The C763L's 1" aluminum dome tweeter has a three-position output level switch, which lets you cut or boost the high frequencies. And a boundary compensation switch lets you adjust low-frequency output when the speaker is placed near a wall to compensate for potential boominess. 

The Revel C763L's drivers are angled to direct sound towards your seat (speaker shown rotated 90°).

High-quality design for long-term performance

The C763L has a few other notable design highlights. Its unique flat woofer provides solid bass. Its tweeter waveguide helps provide great sound across a wide listening area. And a high-order crossover network allows all of the drivers to blend together seamlessly. 

The C763L even comes with square and round grilles to match your décor. A lifetime warranty ensures excellent long-term performance.

A built-in enclosure elevates performance

One of my favorite features of the C763L is the back-box that's built onto the speaker. This carefully designed enclosure helps deliver consistently focused, well-balanced sound no matter what kind of space is behind it in your ceiling. It also keeps dust and dirt out of your speaker.

Ideal for movies and music

Use the C763L as a left, right, or center channel as part of a Revel home theater system. You'll enjoy rich, full-bodied sound with all of your favorite content. This speaker is a great choice for a high-end in-ceiling stereo system. 

The C763L shares all of the top technologies of Revel's non-angled C763 in-ceiling speaker, which let you tailored its performance to your room.

Who is Revel?

Revel is one of the high-performance audio companies of global electronics giant Harman International. Since 1996, Revel has used cutting-edge design tools and one-of-a-kind testing facilities to develop speakers that measure well and sound amazing. The intensive design work happens at Harman's state-of-the-art speaker R & D facility in Northridge, California.

DIY installation

If this is a do-it-yourself install, check out my guide to installing in-ceiling speakers, along with our selection of in-wall speaker wire. You can paint the included magnetic grille to have your speaker blend in with your décor. 

  • three-way speaker with angled-baffle design to direct sound towards your listening position
  • ideal for the front left, right, and center channel locations of an in-ceiling home theater system
  • 7-13/16" x 3-7/16" flat-panel micro-ceramic composite (MCC) woofer
    • boundary compensation switch adjusts low-frequency output when the speaker is placed near a wall
  • two 3-1/2" micro-ceramic composite (MCC) midrange drivers with cast-aluminum frames
  • 1" aluminum dome tweeter
    • three-position tweeter level control cuts or boosts high-frequency output to ideally suit your room's acoustics
    • integrated waveguide provides excellent on- and off-axis performance
  • high-order crossover network delivers accurate timbre reproduction
  • recommended amplifier power: 10-200 watts
  • includes both round and square zero-bezel magnetic grilles
    • grilles are paintable to match your décor
  • sensitivity: 85 dB
  • nominal impedance: 6 ohms
  • speaker cutout diameter: 11-1/4"
  • overall diameter: 12-7/16"
  • mounting depth: 5-3/4"
  • square grille dimensions: 12-1/2"W x 12-1/2"H
  • weight: 4 lbs.

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