Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker (Pair)
Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker (Pair)
Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker (Pair)
Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker (Pair)

Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker (Pair)

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 Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker with a 8" cone woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter. Yamaha advanced-designed the new VXC and VXS speakers to cater to a dynamically growing list of applications in the installation market. While these speakers deliver unparalleled Yamaha sound quality, they have also been discreetly designed for a quick, hassle-free installation. Feature-packed with both ceiling and surface mount options, these speaker series comprise a comprehensive range of models that are available in black , or can be painted to match the overarching requirements of decor or interior of any application.


1-year manufacturer's warranty

Key Features:

  • Compact surface mount speakers with superior sound quality and sleek, functional design
  • 8" woofer and 1" soft dome tweeter 
  • IP35-rated protection
  • Paintable speaker bodies, grilles and brackets

Benefits of Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker:

Highly Adaptable Surface Mount Speakers

The VXS Series lineup features 2 models and 4 variations, enabling you to select the optimal model for a particular application. VXS Series is equipped with internal transformers that enables easy operation at both high or low impedance simply by changing the tap on the rear of the speaker. These models also offer IP35-rated protection, ensuring use in outdoor applications minus any glitches or cumbersomeness.

Flexible Mounting for Easier Configuration

VXS speakers come with a dedicated bracket for safe speaker installation without any cumbersomeness. Speakers can be mounted temporarily to adjust mounting angles, hands-free, which can now be configured consistently with ease with the help of the gear guides in the bracket connectors. Additionally, the bracket base allows VXS Series speakers to be mounted on both walls and ceilings eliminating the need to prepare a different set of brackets.

Functional and Visually Appealing Speaker Design

Several aspects of these speakers' design underscore remarkable functionality and aesthetic features of their construction - effectively enhancing sound quality and speaker performance without interfering with the interior décor of the installation. This concept is reflected in the hexagonal design featured on the grille that radically improves sound clarity by raising the aperture ratio. Similarly, the smooth curves of the surface-mount cabinet's simple yet sophisticated design allow the speakers to be mounted closely to the wall - while also enabling the panning and tilting to target service areas.

Paintable Speakers for your Unique Room Design

XS series comes with paintable speaker bodies, grilles and brackets. Reverberating your room with premium sound, VXS series also enhances the design of interior by painting its grille in your preferred color - light color, deep color, or the color that goes fabulously well with your decors.

EN54-24 Certified Version with Superlative Performance

Yamaha also offers "VA" versions that add EN54-24 voice alarm system standard compliance while maintaining the unparalleled sonic quality and easy installation provided by the VXS series speakers; resultantly a single speaker can optimally handle both music reproduction and emergency broadcast functions. The VA versions employ flame-retardant materials for the cabinet and baffle, ceramics for the speaker terminal support, and clamping covers on the rear panels to meet EN54-24 standard heat and moisture resistance requirements. 2 models and 4 variations of VXS-VA version are available.

Technical Specifications of Yamaha VXS8 Surface Mount Speaker:

Brand & Model # Yamaha VXS8
Speaker Type
2-way, Bass-reflex
Frequency range (-10dB)
51Hz - 20kHz
Nominal Coverage 
  • H - 100° 
  • V - 100°
  • LF - 8" Cone 
  • HF - 1" Soft dome
Crossover 2.8kHz
Power rating
  • NOISE: 90W
  • PGM: 180W
      Nominal Impedance
      Transformer taps
      100V - 60W (170Ω), 30W (330Ω), 15W (670Ω)
      70V - 60W (83Ω), 30W (170Ω), 15W (330Ω), 7.5W (670Ω)
      • Sensitivity (1W; 1m on axis): 91dB SPL
      • Peak (Calculated): 117dB SPL (60W)
      I/O Connectors
      1x Euroblock (4P) (Input: + / -, Loop Thru: + / -)
      Cabinet material
      VXS8:Black / VXS8W:White

      W - 278mm (10.9")
      H - 430mm (16.9")
      D - 239mm (9.4")
      8.2kg (18.1lbs)
      Wall / Ceiling mount bracket, Terminal cover
      Package Packaged in pairs
      UL1480, NFPA70, CE, EAC, RoHS

      *Frequency range: Half space
      *Nominal coverage: 500Hz - 4kHz Average
      *Power rating: IEC
      *Satellite impedance: Impedance lower limit (per satellite output) VXS10S/10SW: 4Ω, VXS10ST/10STW: 8Ω
      *Environmental: IP34 when installing the speaker to the ceiling vertically

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